USED Wireless Solutions G3 Transceiver

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Used Wireless Solutions G3 Transceiver

Wireless Solutions is the world’s leading manufacturer of the most popular, reliable and exciting Wireless lighting control equipment, W-DMX, now celebrating 350,000 units sold worldwide.  The reason they're so popular is their equipment works.

This transceiver is great for adding an additional box into your already existing W-DMX set up.  With the ability to configure as a transmitter or receiver, whatever you need, it can do.

Wireless Solutions G3 is compatible with current Wireless Solutions G4, G4S and G5 wireless DMX systems.

All used gear is guaranteed to work at time of shipping.

Used transceivers ship with one Indoor 2 antenna and power cable.




  • Input: 90-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Max Current: 1A at 115 VAC, 0.5A at 230 VAC
  • FCC Compliance Declaration: UQT-WDMXOEMPCBF


Please contact us with any questions regarding equipment.


*image is a representation of the equipment.  Shipped equipment may not look as clean, but will be dust free and will work