TMB ProPlex Cat5e Ethernet Cables

$20.85 - $346.65
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TMB Proplex "P" series Ethernet cables are built to survive the toughest conditions, yet handle and coil well, again and again and again. They have been exhaustively developed, tested and re-tested.

When data transmission is critical, there is only one option.

Dark Star recommends ProPlex cables for touring, rental or other use where constant coiling and uncoiling occurs.

All ProPlex Ethernet cables are male to male,  Current connector types are:

  • RJ45 to RJ45
  • ProShell to ProShell
  • EtherCon to EtherCon

**Note - Ethernet cables with ProShell Connectors that are shorter than 25' do not have covers over the connectors; Ethernet cables with ProShell Connectors that are 25' or longer do have covers over the connectors


Need a different configuration?  Contact us for pricing.