TMB DataPlex Cat5e Ethernet Cables

$27.23 - $261.00
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TMB DataPlex Ethernet cables are:

  • Flexible construction.
  • Durable, flame resistant matte black TPE jacket.
  • High Density Polyethylene insulation for optimum data transmission.
  • 24 AWG twisted data pairs, tinned copper.
  • Tinned copper braid + aluminized polyester foil shield.
  • Fully tested.  RoHS compliant

Dark Star recommends DataPlex cables for most theatrical uses.

All DataPlex Ethernet cables are male to male  Current connector types are:

  • RJ45 to RJ45
  • ProShell to ProShell
  • EtherCon to EtherCon

**Note - Ethernet cables with ProShell Connectors that are shorter than 25' do not have covers over the connectors; Ethernet cables with ProShell Connectors that are 25' or longer do have covers over the connectors

Need a different configuration?  Contact us for pricing.