Swisson XSW Series Wireless DMX Splitter

$621.81 - $744.66
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The XSW wireless DMX splitter can operate as a DMX transmitter or as a DMX receiver at the press of a button. The DMX splitter functionality is always available regardless of whether the device is configured as a transmitter or receiver. If only the splitter function is used, the wireless part is switched off. The splitter offers one input port, a thru port and 4 individually optically isolated output ports.
Multiple radio links can be operated at the same time, allowing a setup with multiple DMX Universes. Multiple receivers can be connected to a single transmitter. A variety of wireless configurations can be built up with the same XSW components.

  • Wireless DMX transmitter
  • Wireless DMX receiver
  • DMX splitter
  • DMX booster
  • Full individual optical isolation per port
  • DMX termination


**Note: At this time Dark Star Theatrical is only offering W-DMX based units.  If you are looking for a CRMX unit, please contact us.


For more information, check out Swisson's website.