Swisson XMG-51 DMX Merger

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The XMG-51 DMX merger combines up to five DMX lines together into one. This allows multiple DMX lighting control systems are used simultaneously on a single light installation. The DMX data is merged together according to your configuration, allowing the device to be used for a variety of applications:

The 512 cannels can be split amongst up to five controllers. For example, controller A controls the channels 1-48, controller B controls the channel 50-74 and the channels 200-400 are controlled by controller C.

Several light controllers can operate on the same channels. For example, a single lamp can be accessed by several controllers at the same time. Which controller has priority is configurable (HTP, LTP).

A mobile light controller could be plugged in at different places of the venue. The merger recognizes where the controller is plugged in and switches automatically the corresponding port to the output.

A backup lighting controller can be used at the same time as the main lighting controller by using the XMG-51 merger. The merger will automatically switch to the backup controller in the case of a failure of the main controller. 

The XMG-51 has a built-in bypass relay which connects the output to a dedicated input in the event of a power supply failure.

  • 5 DMX512 inputs
  • 1 DMX512 output
  • Only 50us latency
  • Bypass relay
  • Manual switch
  • HTP, LTP channel, LTP line Modes
  • Channel offset for each input


For more information, check out Swisson's website.