Roland S-4000S Modular Digital Snake Head

$1,995.00 - $5,395.00
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The Roland S-4000S is a modular digital snake head allowing up to 10 Roland cards to be configured for up to 40 channels of audio signal.  All S-4000S Racks include dual REAC ports allowing for redundant signal lines to go between snakes/snake and console.  

There are four pre-configured modular snake heads:

  • 40 in x 0 out
  • 32 in x 8 out
  • 8 in x 32 out
  • 0 in x 40 out

Or configure your own empty chassis with 4 possible cards:

  • SI-AD4 - 4-channel analog input module
  • SI-AES4 - 4-channel digital input module
  • SO-AES4 - 4-channel digital output module
  • SO-DA4 - 4-channel analog output module


For more information, check out Roland's website.