Pro-Gaff Tape

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·          Strong, tough cotton cloth pressure sensitive tape

·          No cutting tools necessary / easily torn by hand

·          Adheres strongly

·          Removes easily and cleanly

·          Hand tearable

·          60 yards per roll

·          Flourescent Colors: 50 yards per roll


Gaffer’s tape is used for the temporary mounting of lighting fixtures and reflectors; for the moisture and dust-proof sealing of equipment cases and film containers; for bundling and positioning of floor cables; and floor marks for actor’s positioning. Pro-Gaff is an economical, high strength vinyl impregnated cloth tape with a matte finish, available in a host of colors. It has a high performance adhesive system and is highly conformable to irregular surfaces. Pro-Gaff is waterproof, tear and abrasion resistant, and has a smooth, contolled unwind, and is hand tearable. It is one of the most popular tapes on any stage.

  • Adhesion to steel: 60 ounces per inch