Gaff Spike Tape

$4.70 - $5.25
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·          Strong, tough cotton cloth pressure sensitive tape

·          No cutting tools necessary / easily torn by hand

·          Adheres strongly

·          Removes easily and cleanly

·          Hand tearable

·          1/2” x 50 yards per roll


Spike Tape is a 1/2" wide version of Gaff Tape. It is made from the same fabric and adhesive, it is simply cut to a smaller width to make it more useful for marking (or spiking) the location of a set piece, a scene change, the center line of a stage or an actor's blocking. Spike Tape should be stored in a clean, dry environment, out of direct sunlight to increase its life expectancy.









Don't see a color you need listed?  Give us a call - as certified dealers, we are able to obtain any color of spike tape (that exists) that your heart desires.