City Theatrical - Stackers™ Tapered Half Top Hats

$18.48 - $60.48
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Top Hats serve two functions in entertainment lighting:  To control light spill or to reduce the viewing angle to the lens.  Sometimes poor fixture optics or poorly maintained lenses can cause light to be directed into the audience or onto scenery, and top hats can help control that.  It is also often objectionable to the audience or camera to see the bright source of the light and top hats can shield the bright source from view.  All of our black top hats and half top hats are flocked on the interior to reduce light reflection.

Stackers Half Top Hats have the same stacking features as the full Stackers, but can be rotated so the beam is left open on one side when full output is desirable.

Ordering Note:  Stackers are also available in white (no flocking on inside) at no additional charge. Add a "W" to the catalog number when ordering. Also available in white outside/black inside, and white outside/black flocked inside. Call for pricing.

Stackers™ fit Source Four, Source Four PAR, Source Four Jr, Source Four Zoom, Selecon Pacific, Altman Shakespeare, and many others.  Sorry, Stackers™ do not fit Strand SL, or Source Four 14° and may not fit all lighting fixtures.  Please call us with any questions.


  • Tapered so they stack, but they don't stick together
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Black flocked interior
  • Saves space in storage and transport
  • Patent Pending