CITC C02 Cylinder Refill

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Threaded 16g CO2 Cylinders for use with CITC Handheld Party launcher to launch confetti & streamers interchangeably. 

CITC's Party Launcher is a patented, easy-to-use 22" x 1" hand-held launcher, which can be used with 8g or 16g C02 cartridges.  No electricity is needed.  Launch confetti or streamers from this long, clear plastic tube by just pulling the string.  The C02 cylinder powers the launcher & sends a flurry of confetti or streamers hurdling through the air & floating down over your audience.

The Party Launcher is re-usable and re-loadable.  Streamers fly over 80'.

Watch a video clip here.

Complete Product Specs for CITC Party Launcher

Confetti & Stream Product Informational PDF