LEX Products

Lex Products is a leading North American manufacturer of innovative power distribution and lighting solutions for demanding markets, including entertainment, industrial and the military. Founded in 1989, the company specializes in products designed to withstand rough use and harsh environments. 

An industry pioneer in innovative power distribution applications, Lex Products introduced the use of rubber enclosures for power distribution boxes to North America, which established a new level of safety in power distribution equipment. The company also instituted new molding technologies and applications for cable assemblies, enabling the development of products of unprecedented durability.

All products are subjected to rigorous testing and designed to meet and exceed the strictest safety codes. Lex Products manufactures a full range of portable and permanent power distribution and lighting solutions,including:

PowerHOUSE™ Portable Distribution Boxes
PowerFLEX™ Cable Assemblies
PowerGATE™ Power Switches and Input Panels
PowerPARTS™ Wiring Devices
LuxCommander® Portable Work Lights
PowerRAMP® Cable Protectors

Lex Products can also develop comprehensive custom solutions to meet specific power distribution requirements.

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