High End Systems HedgeHog 4

$6,090.00 - $8,625.00
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An Array of HedgeHogs!!

1 Chassis, 4 Options-

  • offering Hog customers and the market in general the ultimate flexibility with the feature set they need High End Systems presents a new array of HedgeHog 4’s. There will now be 1 chassis allowing for 4 levels of features. HedgeHog 4, HedgeHog 4N, HedgeHog 4S and HedgeHog 4X.

For the first time in this segment of the lighting control market, customers will be able to buy the platform which is right for their current application, safe in the knowledge that they will be able to unlock additional features as and when necessary without the need to invest in new hardware. The user will be able to, with the use of a software code purchased from High End Systems or one of our dealers, move from any version to a higher model. In addition to broadening the range this has also enabled High End Systems to offer the consoles at even more competitive price points furthering our aim of making Hog available to all possible markets.

This array of HedgeHog 4’s are the littlest of the range and still pack quite a punch, running the same software as all the other Hogs. They come with ArtNet and CITP capabilities and are designed for small to mid level shows. They are compact, lightweight and easy to take on a plane! Running on Linux, they are fast, stable and ready to Hog. Whether being used in a school theatre, nightclub, corporate event, medium scale rental job or church, they are the perfect consoles. Retaining the same programming layout as their larger brother, the Road Hog 4, as well as being able to load show files from any of the range (and vice versa) means that this compact console range is extremely flexible and easy to use. In addition all HedgeHog 4’s will now include a license free Light Converse state of the art lighting visualizer!

HedgeHog 4N will, in addition to the above, make a perfect remote focus and dimmer city console, with its ability to network with the bigger hogs in the fleet!

HedgeHog 4S will add an external display option to the base unit allowing for increased work space

HedgeHog 4X is the top of range combining both the features of the N and the S in one package along with adding a further 2 universes of DMX over ArtNet or sACN!



Hedge Hog 4
  •  (2) DMX Universes
  •  (4) DMX Universes - ArtNet sACN (eNode4™)
  •  Hog Net Upgradable*
  •  External Monitor Support Upgradable*
 Hedge Hog 4N
  •  (2) DMX Universes
  •  (4) DMX Universes - ArtNet sACN (eNode4™)
  •  Hog Net (Console Networking/DP8K Expansion)
  •  External Monitor Support Upgradable*
 Hedge Hog 4S
  •  (2) DMX Universes
  •  (4) DMX Universes - ArtNet sACN (eNode4™)
  •  External Monitor Support
  •  Hog Net Upgradable*
 Hedge Hog 4X
  •  (2) DMX Universes
  •  (6) DMX Universes - ArtNet sACN (eNode4™)
  •  Hog Net (Console Networking/DP8K Expansion)
  •  External Monitor Support
 *Contact us for Upgrade Pricing Info


  •  12-Inch Multi-Touch LCD Display
  •  (10) Playback Faders
  •  (12) User Keys (Non-LCD)
  •  (4) Encoder Wheels
  •  Dual Purpose Grand Master Fader
  •  Grand Master Controller Keys (DBO & Flash)
  •  Hog 4 Programming Surface
  •  Softkeys for Quick Toolbar Selection
  •  256GB Internal Solid State Hard Disk Drive
  •  (2) Gigabit Base-TX Ethernet Ports
  •  (2) USB 2.0 Ports + (2) USB 3.0 Ports
  •  (2) 5pin Female DMX Outputs
  •  Light Converse Visualizer Software and Dongle Key
  •  MIDI Show Control / Time Code via External Widget
  •  Length: 20.74” (526.8mm)
  •  Width: 21.83” (554.37mm)
  •  Vertical Height: 3.97” (100.78mm)
  •  Weight: 17 lbs. (7.7kg)
  •  AC 90-240V - 50/60Hz
  •  250W Max Power Consumption
  •  CE | cETLus
  •  (1) Light Converse Visualizer Software and Dongle Key
  •  (1) 5 ft (1.5m) IEC Power Cable
  •  (1) Dimmable LED Desklight (3pin XLR)
  •  (2) USB Thumb Drives (Storage & Recovery)
  •  (1) Dust Cover


For more information, check out High End Systems' website.