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GAM Color® - Gel Sheets 20"x24"      
When ordering, please specify your desired color & quantity, or your order
will not be processed.        
Example:  4 x GAM 270        
View GAM's color wheel & spectral distribution chart for any color.
$25 minimum order          
(not including shipping costs)        
GAM Color® is deep-dyed in a high temperature resistant polyester with a
melting point of 480 degrees F (250 degrees C).  The GAM Color® swatch-
book provides a sample of each color along with a full spectral analysis.
Adhering to that analysis is one way we insure that GAM Color® is 
consistent in color and performance now and into the future.  Each gel is
carefully formulated color goes through a rigorous quality control   
procedure to ensure your satisfaction every time you use GAM Color®.
Size of gel sheet:          
20" x 24"            
Please call for more information on extended size options, pricing, and