GAM Gobos - Standard - A, B, M, D, G, E, V

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Contact us at Dark Star Theatrical for help selecting your unique gobo pattern.

**When placing your order, please specify your desired gobo pattern number in the notes section.  Or call us before ordering.

  • Standard gobos are available in the sizes listed.  For help determining the size needed for your fixture, please contact us.
  • Standard gobos are constructed of steel, not glass.  To order glass gobos, please contact us.
  • Custom gobos are available at an additional cost and may not be purchased online.


The GAM gobo is an important tool for every lighting project and can be used in many ways.  Patterns create "background looks" when projected on scenery, walls, floors, or on a cyclorama.  Patterns can "break up" the light used to illuminate people.  Some patterns can create positive (light) designs, while other patterns are used to create negative (shadow) designs.  Patterns can be used as an animation device, to create the illusion of fire, water, twinkling stars - and much more.  The GAM gobo pattern will enhance your creativity and has limitless applications.

Standard patterns may be cut with scissors to fit almost any pattern holder.  

Dark Star has 100,000 standard patterns at our fingertips - and we also provide custom gobo design services.


Pattern Sizes:


  • Altman-360 Q, 4-1/2 in., Baby Zoom, 1K L
  • Altman Shakespeare
  • Berkey Colortran Ellipsoidal, Mini Ellipse, Windsor
  • CCT-Silhouette 1 and 2 KW
  • ETC - Source Four can be supplied with either "A" or "B" size pattern holder.  Please check your pattern holder for the correct size before ordering!
  • Robert Juliat Profile Series, short / med throw followspot series
  • Lycean Midget
  • MOLE Molelipso 1K
  • Niethammer Enispot, HpS 100 and 200
  • PANI Profile
  • Strand Alto, Brio, Cadenza, Harmony, 4-1/2 in. Leko Zoom, Toccata
  • Strong Xenon Super Trouper, with adaptor
  • Teatro Tratto, Acuto
  • Times Square 6 in. Axial, 4-1/2 in and 6 in. Zoom ellipsoidals


  • All of the above and...
  • GAM TwinSpin and TwinSpin II
  • Robert Juliat long-throw followspots: 2500 HMI, 1200W HMI
  • Rosco Gobo Rotator
  • Selecon
  • Strand Cantata, Prelude
  • LSI BP150


  • Altman 3.5 Q, 6 in. ERS
  • Arriflex Pocket PAR HMI 125W
  • Berkey Colortran Color Arc
  • CCT Minuette
  • Clay Paky Goldenscan, HPE, Stage Scan, Superscan, Tiger
  • Coemar Accento, Centro, Solar 250
  • Dedeotec Dedolight 100/150
  • ETC Source 4 JR
  • Lycean Starklite II
  • Strand Quartet, Optique
  • Times Square 3-1/2 in ellipsoidals
  • LTM Pepper


  • Clay Paky MiniScan HPE, Zoom 300
  • High End Intellabeam, Trakspot, Technobeam, Technoray
  • Martin Roboscan 518


  • Altman MicoEllipse, Master Ellipse, Micro Master
  • Amptown Controlite
  • Clay Paky Miniscan, Silverado
  • Coemar Jupiter
  • Martin Roboscan 1220
  • Mole InBetweenie, Betweenie, Mini-Mole Focal Spot
  • SGM Victory Series
  • Times Square Gobo Spot, MR16 Zoom


  • High End Cyberlight
  • Lycean Superstar, Super Clubspot, XLT
  • Mole Tweenie II, Midget, Baby Baby


  • LDR Sueno Profile 1028, 2040
  • Martin PAL 1200, MAC 1200
  • LSI BP75
  • LSD Moving Lights Icon Series
  • SGM Galileo



An example of what gobo lighting can do. 

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