GAM BlackWrap - matte black aluminum wrap

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BW2700, BW2710, BW2715, BW2770
GAM's award-winning & eco-friendly flexible matte black aluminum
Used to control light, mask fixtures, and conceal unsightly cabling.
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  • Masks light leaks and conceals unsightly cabling
  • Controls unwanted reflections from shiny surfaces
  • Use BlackWrap™ outdoors for weather protection
  • .002 inch thick
  • Coated matte black on both sides
  • Available in 3 widths (12", 24", 36")
  • Available as a tape in rolls (2" x 80 ft)
BlackWrap™, the original flexible matte black aluminum, is form-  
holding and heat resistant.  When wrapped around fixtures or   
hardware, it keeps its shape and position.  On strike night, BlackWrap™ 
is easy to remove.  BlackWrap™ masks light leaks and conceals 
unsightly cabling.  It is ideal for making a snoot or barndoors to control
BlackWrap™, which is make from aluminum foil, is a recyclable   
material and should be recycled whenever possible.  The cardboard
carton it comes in is made with 50% recyclable materials and of   
course can be recycled as well (made of a starch material, no glue
and water based inks).        
The Academy of Telivision Arts & Sciences awarded GAM's   
BlackWrap™ a 2004 PrimeTime Emmy Award for outstanding
achievement in engineering development & as recognition  
for contributions to the efficiency and productivity of   
television production.        
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