ETC ColorSource Light Engine with Shutter Barrel

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The ETC ColorSource Spot brings together the afford-ability of a four-color light engine with the build-quality and support of an ETC product. Using a unique mix of red, green, blue and lime LED emitters, the ColorSource spot allows for an amazing range of color and depth, unlike other low-cost LED fixtures. Because it utilizes standard ETC optics, adapters and accessories, it is a versatile solution for any lighting need. ColorSource Spot fixtures are now available in two versions: original and Deep Blue, using a array that offers richer, more saturated blues and strong magentas in exchange for the more jewel-toned blues like sky or turquoise available in original ColorSource Fixtures.

     • ETC’s new RGB-L array (Red, Green, Blue and Lime)
        -- Also available in Deep Blue that replaces the blue LEDs with indigo for rich, saturated blues and magentas
     • Simple user interface with seven-segment display
     • PowerCon in and thru
     • DMX/RDM in and thru (5-pin XLR or RJ45)
     • LED droop compensation
     • Optically calibrated
     • Tour-ready, aluminum housing

What ships with a ColorSource Spot? ColorSource Spot luminaires ship with a soft-focus diffuser in a gobo holder, a 1.5m powerCON power-input cable with a connector of choice and a C-Clamp.

***Does not come with lens tube***

For use with fixed-field lens tubes only



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For more information, check out ETC's website