Clear-Com BP200 Wireless Beltpack

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Wireless beltpack for use with Clear-Com DX100, DX121 and DX200 systems allows you to move around while remaining on com.


  • Super Compact Design 
    makes the beltpack the industry’s lightest, at only 7.4 ounces.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries 
    provide up to 20 hours of beltpack operation with each charge.
  • Internal Antennas
    are housed inside the beltpac for extra protection and durability.
  • Voice Prompts
    inform users of status changes and system diagnostics through the headset, such as “low battery.”
  • Completely Sealed Buttons 
    dramatically enhance the life of the beltpack by keeping dirt and moisture out and preventing mechanical failures.

Beltpack comes with pouch.


For more information, check out Clear-Com's website.