CITC SNOBIZ Closeup Mix Biodegradable Snowflakes - 5, 10 cubic feet - Boxed Snow

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100290, 100291
SNOW EFFECTS          
SNOBIZ - Biodegradable Snowflakes - Closeup Mixture  
SnoBiz® is the only artificial snowflakes that have been tested and proven
to be 100% environmentally safe.  Ten cubic feet (10 cu. ft. / .28 cu. m.) 
covers a 10' x 10' x 2.5" (5m x 5m x 6.35cm) area.      
NOTE:  10 cubic feet product option ships at dimensional weight.  5 cubic
feet product option ships at actual weight.      
Perfect for falling snow, ground cover, and set dressing.  Most   
cinematographers agree it looks better than the real thing.  And it's less
expensive than plastic snow per cubic foot.  Soft puffed texture, whitest
available, forest friendly, no preservatives, melts away with water.  All
glycerides removed.  Dissolves in water.  Can be washed away.  Safe in
streams and lakes.  Toxicological test done for safety.    
View the SnoBiz MSDS        

About the mix:

Closeup mix combines both regular and fine SnoBiz flakes for the most realistic effect.