CITC Quiet Cube

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Quiet Cube

CITC’s new Quiet Cube snow machine uses brand new technology to make the quietest snow machine ever. A full 10 db’s quieter than the Little Blizzard snow machine, no one’s been able to come close to the whisper quiet production of snow from this machine. Although the machine is smaller than other snow machines on the market, the output doesn’t fail at all and is, quite frankly, very impressive for a machine its size. With DMX on board and a variable speed remote control included, the Quiet Cube is the number one solution for venues needing a quieter snow machine. For drier, whiter, fluffier flakes, choose the Little Blizzard XT machine.


  • Quietest Snow Machine Ever!
  • A Full 10 dbs Quieter Than the Little Blizzard
  • Extremely Low Power Consumption
  • Awesome Output for a Smaller Machine
  • Remote Control Variable Speed
  • DMX on Board
  • Note: flakes are not as dry as those from the Little Blizzard XT.


  • Dims 15” x 12” x 10” 38cm x 31cm x 26cm
  • Weight 38 lbs (17 kg)
  • Remote Control: >on / off volume
  • DMX Control: on / off volume
  • Sound: 63 db’s
  • Fluid:  LB Extra Dry / Super X Dry
  • Run Time:  Continuous
  • Electrical Supply: 120v 60hz 5a
  • CE Approved


Need snow fluid?  Click here for CITC snow fluid.