Choose from a variety of stock patterns, or create your own customized lighting gobo!

While gobos are used today in many applications ranging from rock concerts to interior design, these lighting pattern templates were originally used in theatres & film sets to manipulate the shape of the light cast over a space or object.

The term "GOBO" stands for goes before optics.  Gobos act the same way the branches of a tree do on a sunny day, casting intricate shadows on the ground.  

In very basic terms, a piece of material with patterned holes through which light passes is placed before a beam of light so that only the desired shapes & patterns are allowed through, blocking the rest of the light and projecting a specific pattern of light & shadow.  Glass gobos use a more complex version of this technique to allow a broader array of light, shade, and variations of color through the template.  

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Because of the vast numbers of gobo patterns, we cannot possible list every gobo pattern & size here on our website.  Please contact us with your desired pattern & size - or for help creating an original.

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